Verlander vs. Sabathia, Take 2

Following 5-3 Tigers victory in Game 2, all eyes turn to Verlander in Game 3.  JV has had the most impressive season of his career, and has had great success in high-profile games.  Without question, tonight’s game in Detroit will be the most important game of the season.  In order for the Tigers to win, Verlander will have to find his rhythm early and avoid 3-1 and 3-2 counts.  The Yankees are patient, professional hitters who love to foul off pitches and drive the opposing pitchers pitch count up.  With Benoit and Valverde throwing over twenty pitches in last night’s game, it will be important for Verlander to pitch deep into the game.  If Verlander pitches the way he has all year long, Detroit will enter Game 4 with a chance to clinch the series.

Opposite of Verlander will be Cy Young co-candidate (in New York’s eyes only) C.C. Sabathia.  While many baseball analysts are touting Sabathia’s two innings of work, he wasn’t as strong as he looked.  Sabathia racked up four strikeouts in those two innings, but two of the four took place during a torrential downpour, making it nearly impossible for hitters to have a quality at-bat.  Look for Sabathia to struggle in a hostile Comerica Park against the dangerous Tigers lineup.


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