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ALDS Reflections

It’s been less than 48 hours since Jose Valverde struck out A-Rod to clinch the ALDS, and it has given me time to reflect on the past week.  My heart rate and blood pressure are just now starting to return to normal levels.  I (and probably every other Tigers fan) spent the entire series pouring over every pitch and every at-bat.  As the stress mounted with every passing inning, I began to realize something strange about the Tigers first postseason series in five years:  I wasn’t enjoying the experience.  Ever since the final out in the 2006 World Series loss to the Cards, I have wanted nothing more than for the Tigers to return to October baseball.  This year we finally made it.  As the Tigers quickly pulled away from the Indians and White Sox in September, I longed for the season to end and the postseason to begin.  Leading up to October I was like a child waiting for Christmas morning, and given the Tigers irregularity in making the playoffs, I vowed to take in as much as possible once the ALDS started.  While I expected a Tigers triumph to invoke emotions of elation and excitement, I was surprised at what I was feeling at the end of Game 5:  relief.  I was emotionally and physically exhausted.  I had invested so much in the series, that I didn’t have anything left following Thursday night’s victory.  As the Tigers kick off the ALCS tonight against the Rangers, I expect nothing less than another stressful week of baseball.